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Client's ambitionMy international sales team could be more successful

Hyet Sweet

Ad Timmermans Director / Owner

Ad Timmermans – director / owner

Hyet Sweet in Breda is a leading, international oriented trade organisation for high-intensity sweeteners: natural and artificial sweeteners, used mainly in the food, beverages, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.

Connection to the international market situation
At the end of 2013 our organisation reached a dynamic phase in which we had to switch decisively to allow our sales organisation to connect to a fast-changing international market situation. The existing structure was no longer working and we effectively required a whole new, international team. As a specialist in commercial organisations and with branches in five countries, Velde Group was a logical choice for us.

Complementary personalities
Velde Group’s Peter Paardekooper directed a process that initially included three areas: Benelux, the DACH region, and the UK. Local specialists from Velde Group’s German and English local branches were put to work. The result was a completely remodelled sales team that started in 2014, in which the various personalities complemented one another: all the candidates brought something other than their commercial talent and experience to the table with which they reinforced each other and the organisation. One of the candidates has now grown to become Sales Director.

Further reinforcement
We initiated a similar process to further reinforce the sales team in Southern Europe and to expand to the USA later that year. Velde Groep once again took charge of the entire process, proving itself a reliable and skilled partner in the international expansion of our organisation.

Candidate's ambitionI would like to follow new international opportunities

Sales Director

Peter van Nuus Sales Director

Peter van Nuus - Sales Director

International sales
After having worked as Sales Manager for various trade companies in food for 15 years, I wanted to work for a producer again. My ambition: international sales, more than just sales (marketing and management as well), specialty sales and, above all, an ethical company, where teamwork and respect are a matter of course.

Personal and pervasive
The application procedure was unusual: very personal and pervasive. In hindsight I can understand why. Being able and wanting to work together with colleagues is very important.

After six months at Hyet Sweet, I look back on a good time; I have great colleagues and enjoy putting all my effort into the company. Business-wise we have also accomplished the turnaround: the sales team has been completely renewed, business is starting to run, and the dynamics are in place. Velde Groep successfully delivered teamwork to Hyet Sweet.

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